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Private Event Packages

Private events are our jam!
Birthdays, Rehearsal Dinners, Weddings, Corporate Dinners, Team Building

YOU THINK IT, WE Can make it!!
Groups of 25-150

 Watching The Pizza Butcher cooking your wood-fired pizzas is a show for you and your guests! Not only will your guests LOVE the gourmet pizza, they will LOVE watching the process of making the pizza in our infamous Mugnaini wood fired oven!


*We bring The Pizza Butcher to your location.

*We cook, prepare and serve your pizza buffet style to your guests.

*All packages are customizable*

*Salad is included in all packages. Appetizers and desserts are optional and separate. *The Pizza Butcher will come to your location approximately 1-3 hours prior to your event. A fuel surcharge may be applied to areas 25 miles outside of our area. 

*The Pizza Butcher will cook for up to 3 hours.

Only The Freshest Toppings

Freshly Curated Italian Sausage

Sourced from one of the best distributors in the country, The Pizza Butcher special seasoning blend is added to this lean ground sausage, making it like no other sausage in the valley. Simply De-Licious!

Grande Wisconsin Cheese

Grande cheese from Wisconsin incorporates the best of traditional, Italian cheese-making techniques, monitored by the latest technologies. They don’t just meet, they exceed  the highest standards of milk production in the nation. Grande test their products at every step, ensuring the quality of their cheeses, from farm to table.

Premium Meats

We source premium meats from one of the best distributors in the country. We don’t cut corners at The Pizza Butcher. You will taste the difference in every bite!

Gourmet Wood Fired Pizzas

Our Dough is Amazing

Why Our Dough Stands Out

It starts with the mixer. Imported from Italy, the Mecnosud Fork Mixer is in a class of its own. The Fork Mixer simulates the movement of human hands, ensuring a natural leavening process without artificially warming the dough. The mix time is longer, but well worth the wait. The result is a soft, premium quality dough.

The next crucial step is the Poolish. This pre-ferment is the secret behind our wood-fired pizza’s softness, fragrance, and aromatic flavor.  After several hours we combine the Poolish with flour using our Mecnosud fork mixer. Once the dough achieves the perfect texture,  we allow it to rest, shape it into balls, and then cold ferment for an additional 48 hours. The end result is a dough with the right pull, texture, and flavor that truly sets our pizza’s apart.


About The Pizza Butcher

Since 2022

With countless hours of hands-on experimentation with trial and error, the two men created a partnership that would focus on the best of their individual worlds and talents…

In 2022, when they made an epic plunge into the food trailer industry of Arizona by introducing the desert to The Pizza Butcher, a unique pizza experience that capitalizes on the art of dough, sophisticated flavor profiles, quality ingredients, and their passion for hospitality.

Their greatest asset, the Valoriani oven, imported from Mugnaini, has been part of the amazing experience of cooking pizza. The oven, built with an artisans’ cooking passion in mind, the Mugnaini is much more than a pizza oven, this oven sets the bar high for cooking just about anything, but PIZZA is the true art that comes out of this oven.


What People are Saying

“A Great Find”

Saw a post on Instagram and found their location! The pizza was amazing!

Hayden G.

“Fabulous food & flawless service”

The best pizza! Had so much flavor! The guys on the truck looked like they were having a great time!

Not your average Karen!

“Another successful experience”

Originally from back East! I tried the pizza the first time and it was amazing! Went back a second time for the cheesesteak and brought back memories of Philly! Well done Pizza Butcher!

Frank R.


I’m always on the hunt for the best pizza in Arizona and I’m in AWE that I finally found it!

Cindi L.

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Sausage Pizza

Popeye Pizza



White Pie


Field of Greens



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